Mutiny Systems

USD 330.00
Mutiny's super lightweight 12G isolator system was co-developed with FreakshowHD to help protect your 12G port on your camera, monitor, or other 12G SDI device.
USD 7.00
Bongoties are awesome for wrapping cables, attaching gear and problem solving on location. They are inexpensive and allow you to color code your cables. 
USD 120.00
Our BOLT-ON V2 Micro record button run/stop trigger for RED KOMODO and V-RAPTOR and *DSMC2 (*when used with Jetpack, or V-Lock Expander) is RED APPROVED! V2 is 35% smaller than our V1 Bolt-On Micro and even lighter at...
USD 125.00
Adjustable keyway right angle 9 pin EXT to adjustable 9 pin EXT 10” (MEDIUM) cable with Black connectors. This cable is used for connecting our IO port expander to either the RED KOMODO®️or V-RAPTOR™️. This cable has...
USD 250.00
The Micro 15mm rod run/stop trigger with a BNC connector is a compact version of our standard R/S rod trigger for rod clamp used. This trigger can be used with any 15mm clamp or baseplate allowing you to put the...
USD 30.00
This 15mm rod mount fits into the mounting slot on the MUTINY™  Classic IO port expander and allows you to mount the Classic IO vertically or horizontally on the left or right side of the Classic IO. This mount also...
USD 75.00
Short 6 inch EXT IO cable 9 pin right angle to 9 pin straight cable with black connectors. Choose this cable for mounting closer to the rear area of the camera or to have the Classic IO hanging or tethered.
USD 649.00
The RED approved MUTINY™ Battery IO for RED KOMODO®️ is an interchangeable battery mount system with a built-in port expander and power outputs for the RED KOMODO camera. Our Battery IO has a lot of redundancy options...




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