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Sound Advice : Audio Essentials for Video Editors

With shrinking budgets, not all projects can be sent to an audio professional for post-production. Video editors are increasing having to perform more advanced audio edits. Even in cases where audio post is being handled separately, video editors should know the correct protocols and conventions for handing over the files to an audio post-house.


2 days (9.30am - 5.30pm)


Please contact us for more upcoming dates. Custom courses can be arranged for your organisation if you have a minimum number.

Course Fee:

S$ 690 before 9% GST

S$ 752.10 after 9% GST

Course Outline:

This course allows an audio professional to share the best techniques, tools and processes that video editors can use in their day to day edits  for getting good audio on their projects.

The focus is not on any particular software but more to give editors a firm understanding of the common  audio processes they can use regardless of the software they are familiar with.

  • Understanding how sound is recorded
  • An over view of the audio post process
  • Common issues with poorly recorded sound
  • Noise reduction tools
  • Compressors
  • Sweetening Audio Tracks
  • Working with Dialogue
  • Working with wild tracks
  • Working with recorded ambience
  • Working with an audio post house:
  • - AAF and OMF files - Organising Tracks - Broadcast Mixing Standards - Exporting for various deliverables (Full Mix, M&E, with and without dips, etc)

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