Cancellation, Reschedule , Refund and Appeals Policy

Cancellation,Reschedule and Refunds

If AV8 Media cancels/reschedules a class:  

AV8 Media  reserves the right to cancel or change any class at its absolute discretion due to not meeting minimum class size or unforeseen circumstances. We will reschedule class to later date and inform us of this change. If the class is cancelled prior to its commencement and there is no rescheduled class, AV8 Media will make a full refund of course fee already paid by the registrant. This is via bank transfer.

If registrant cancels a registration

Cancellation requests should be made known to AV8 Media as early as possible.

AV8 Media understands that our clients are mainly media professionals and freelancers whose schedules are subject to sudden change. Hence we do not impose a penalty for course cancellation/withdrawal other than for dedicated course runs.

However we request that if you can’t attend the course as scheduled, let us know as early as possible.

Our instructors are working media freelancers so if a course is unable to proceed due to not having a minimum number of learners they may not be able to find projects to fill the days they have already committed.  By avoiding last minute cancellations, you can help to ensure that they do not lose out on other potential jobs.

If the Registrant is using SkillsFuture Credit to pay for all or part of the course fees, they will need to cancel the SkillsFuture credit claim on or before the course start date in the SkillsFuture Credit Portal.

If course fee is not claimed using  SkillsFuture Credit, AV8 Media will make a full refund of any course fee already paid by the registrant. This is done via bank transfer.

Dedicated course runs

If AV8 Media schedules a dedicated course run for a client and they cancel within less than 10 working days before the scheduled date AV8 reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee of up to 50 % of the course fee. 

Appeals and Feedback 

If a learner wishes to appeal the outcome of a course assessment they may email AV8 Media within 7 working days after the course end date  via our email at with the following information

- Name of learner
- Name of course
- Date of assessment 
- Reason for appeal 

The learner will receive an email within 7 working days outlining if the appeal is considered valid and follow up action

AV8 Media encourages learners to fill in the post course survey at the end of the course . However learners who wish to provide additional course feedback may also email us or use our contact us  page on our website. 





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