GDU / MUTINY HVT (High-Value Target) AirTag Camera Body Cap

Global Dynamics United and MUTINY have teamed up to release the HVT (High-Value Target) line of AirTag camera body caps for RF, PL, E and EF mount. 

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USD 45.00
Mount Options
  • RF-Mount
  • PL-Mount
  • E-Mount
  • EF-Mount
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With over a year in development and testing, we came together with a unified goal of bringing a high-quality solution for both theft prevention and camera recovery. GDU / MUTINY HVT AirTag body caps offer a low profile, incognito approach to camera tracking. The GDU / MUTINY HVT is made of High Impact Multi-Jet Fusion (MJF) polymer. Each HVT includes a 3" GDU / MUTINY sticker. The AirTag is captured on the inside the cap and easily accessable with a rear tooless screw-in cover plate. Each body cap features a colored resin-filled metal coin with a  GDU / MUTINY logo. Each HVT body cap comes with a 3" GDU / MUTINY sticker. For camera owners, HVT offers the ability to effectively track your camera body over 3200 miles utilizing existing NFC and Bluetooth. If a thief steals your camera and you use the "Find My" function on your phone the police can assist in recovery with a precise location.The GDU / MUTINY HVT AirTag system also allows an opportunity for insurance companies and rental houses to reduce theft and COI payouts. This is done by enabling the ability to track the camera package. Incentivizing clients to use their own AirTags offers peace of mind for the rental house, the client, and the issuer of the insurance certificate.

NOTE: Apple AirTag is NOT included with GDU / MUTINY HVT caps For more information on how to use Apple AirTags, please visit Apple AirTag support 

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