Camera Supports / Accessories

Global Dynamics United
USD 196.00
The new GDU Derringer handle attaches to Komodo with Timmy Rib (required) for a super low profile, super compact and tight setup for handheld.
Bright Tangerine
USD 1,222.00
Prepare your RED KOMODO® for any filmmaking project with a full accessory package that doesn’t compromise on anything. Go from tripod, to handheld or gimbal in seconds with a DJI RS 2 & RS 3 compatible baseplate....
Bright Tangerine
USD 1,879.00
Prepare your RED V-RAPTOR for any filmmaking project with a complete accessory package that doesn’t compromise on anything. Directly switch between the baseplate to the DJI Ronin 2 without changing plates.
Bright Tangerine
USD 107.00
Mount your RED KOMODO® onto the DJI RS 2 & RS 3 Dovetail for faster transitions between the gimbal & tripod setups. The dovetail is designed to be paired with the LeftField RED KOMODO Baseplate (DJI RS 2 &...
Bright Tangerine
USD 147.00
Create a clean build using a NATO based Cheeseplate on your RED KOMODO®. Mount your wireless transmitters, audio equipment, cables & more without having to break down your setup each time.
Bright Tangerine
USD 790.00
Set up your RED V-RAPTOR with the core essentials of the LeftField System. Keeping the camera compact & nimble while adding a versatile top rigging surface on a 15mm LWS quick release platform.
Bright Tangerine
USD 697.00
This AXL kit contains everything you need to securely connect your EVF with your camera. Each kit comes with one AXL EVF mount, a set of two 15mm (4″ length) Titanium Drumstix and one AXL Adapter plate to suit EVFs...
Bright Tangerine
USD 79.00
This is a 143 to 95mm Bright Tangerine Clamp-On Ring for Bright Tangerine Misfit and Strummer DNA matte boxes, it allows you to clamp your matte box to the front of your lens with a 95mm front outer diameter.
Core Swx
USD 279.00
Power your camera and its accessories for more than 12 hours with this V-mount Powerbase EDGE LINK 70Wh Battery Pack from Core SWX.
USD 799.00
The Advanced Ring Grip for RS2 and RS3 Pro allows you more flexibility when powering your gimbal, mounting accessories, controlling wireless follow focus motors and operating the gimbal body.
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