Camera Supports / Accessories

USD 539.00
The RED® Compact Top Handle easily mounts to the top of the KOMODO-X™ or V-RAPTOR™ camera bodies while offering a combination of comfort and utility for carrying or shooting with your camera. 
USD 3,500.00
RF to PL w/ Electronic ND Filter Adapter Pack integrates the same precise electronic ND control as used in the V-RAPTOR XL into a robust PL mount solution for the RED V-RAPTOR, RED KOMODO, and/or RED KOMODO-X.
Core SWX
USD 699.00
The CXV-TS-VRAP connects to the v-mount of the DSMC3 Raptor to allow you to attach two V-mount battery packs(full size, mini or micro) to the rear of the camera. Different from some other plates, the all aluminum...
USD 82.95
Compatible with: RED KOMODO style batteries Jupio USB Dedicated Duo Charger LCD for RED KOMODO Batteries. The Jupio Duo Charger is the perfect solution to charge two batteries and have a back-up power source at the...
Wooden Camera
USD 199.00
A feature-rich, expandable, L-style Cage with ARCA Plate mounting points on the underside, 2x ⅜”-16 mounting points (one on the top, one on the side), 2x ¼”-20 mounting points (both on the side), and a removable HDMI...
USD 14,995.00
The RED® Connect Module connects to your V-RAPTOR™ or V-RAPTOR™ XL camera to unlock 8K live cinematic streaming via the groundbreaking RED Connect solution.
USD 195.00
The KOMODO® Sides ribs attach to both sides of the camera and provide additional ¼-20, 3-6/16 and Arri rosette mounting points for additional accessory mounting as well as mounting points for the KOMODO® RF to PL...




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