(PL/EF) Nanomorph 1.5X Anamorphic [27mm T2.8 / 35mm T2.4 / 50mm T2.4]

Nanomorph is the world’s smallest anamorphic lens covering Super35 sensors, which weighs only <1.15 lbs each.  It opens up more possibilities in set-ups that it cannot be done before, like on gimbals, on helmets, on drones etc.. The constant 1.5x squeeze ratio makes it a mumps-free lens while retaining anamorphic characteristics.

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USD 1,499.00
Focal Length
  • 27mm T2.8
  • 35mm T2.4
  • 50mm T2.4
  • 3-lens Bundle
Flare Options
  • Amber
  • Blue
  • Silver
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Three flare options are provided: Amber/ Blue / Silver. The relatively close focusing distance also provides more rooms for creators in composition and creates more depth of field. The PL and EF mounts are user interchangeable. Hard case is included for the Bundle. For Sony E/ RF / M43 / LL / DL / Fuji X / Z mount versions, please check out mirrorless version.

Click HERE to check if Nanomorph lenses can cover your camera’s sensor.

Click HERE to view the Mount Protrusion Diagram for the Nanomorph (PL/EF).

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