AV8 Media completes series of customised colour grading courses for Mothership

Posted on07/14/2022

AV8 Media is proud to have completed a series of ‘The Art and Science of Colour Grading’ classes for Mothership, Singapore’s leading youth-focused digital news platform.

We worked closely with the instructor, Ian Wee, and Mothership’s team to adapt the course and used examples from their actual projects to ensure that the participants gained real world skills that they would be able to apply in their day to day work.

This is just some of the positive feedback received from the team:

The colour grading course was very insightful and helpful. Ian is a very knowledgeable instructor with great patience. The course was paced very well and the easy to understand, even though the topic was not an easy one to teach. Kudos to the team and to Ian for helping me fall in love with colour grading. ‘
Josiah Ng
Video Content Producer / Director (Originals Team)

Formed a much greater understanding of the art & science of color grading. Just like in his name, learning color grading with Ian made me go Wee!! “
Alvin Philemon

Ian is an extremely knowledgable teacher about all things colouring and Premiere Pro, and his lessons are also very engaging. “

Andrew Wong

Ian is very detailed with his explanation and yet also skillfully explains it in layman terms so it was great. Well combined with application. Overall great course and experience being taught by him. “

Cassandra Low

This is really a great course to understand, or to refresh your understanding of colour grading. Ian is a wonderful trainer and is has a wealth of knowledge that all students will benefit from. “
Tsiu Wen

Thanks to the Mothership team for taking the time and effort to make this course happen. More information about our 'Art and Science of Colour Grading' course can be found here.

Feel free to contact us to find out more about our training and how it can be customised for your organisation.




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