Module 4: Underwater Film Production


5 Days (2 days locally and 3 days overseas.)


Please contact us for more upcoming dates. Custom courses can be arranged for your organisation if you have a minimum number.

Price: TBD

Travel fees of about S$ 250 are not included in the fee.

Who Should Attend:

Directors, camera operators, DOPs, and producers.


Advanced Open Water Diver or equivalent, and Digital Underwater Imaging Diver certification.

All participants must have their own underwater video equipment. Diving equipment and lighting rigs can be provided.

Course Outline:

Film production involving underwater work requires a specialised crew, keen awareness of the local regulations and niche production knowledge.

Directors and Producers need to know the options available to them and work within their resources. It is imperative for crew involved with underwater operations to be trained properly for their roles. Being underwater, the environmental factor is against them, but with proper training and management, we can prevent the entire production set from being jeopardised.

The objective of this course is to train participants to fulfil the framework requirements that regulate underwater film operation in a specific area.

In this course, participants will learn:

    . Production scope of underwater operations

        . In confined benign conditions (in a pool or aquarium)

        . In open water (sea)

    . Awareness of the relevant local laws and regulations governing underwater media production, in accordance:

        . Ministry of Manpower (MOM)

        . Workplace Safety and Health Council (WSHC)

        . Singapore Standards SS 511

    . Roles and responsibilities on set

    . Budgeting for diving camera operators and respective crew

    . Underwater communication system

    . Safety requirements for operations involving underwater filming

    . Risk assessment

    . Location permission for underwater filming

    . Safety training for underwater media operations for enclosed benign conditions

    . Hazard management during underwater filming

    . Practice at sea



Edmund has over a decade of experience as an image creator and 15 years’ of scuba diving experience as an instructor, currently holding the rank of IDC Staff Instructor.




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