Editing for Producers

AV8 Media understands that the role of the producer has changed evolved over the years and producers are now often expected to be able to edit their own pitch videos ,stories or rough cuts . A glance at any recruitment ad for producers now often specifies the ability to edit as a prerequisite and in times of ultra fast turnaround they may not be able to rely on dedicated editors to craft the edit from start to finish.  

Producers who do not  gain this skillset risk being left behind in the competitive global market .

We have a range of editing courses that are appropriate for producers who want to get comfortable with editing on industry standard software, such as Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Apple FCP X or Avid Media Composer. These courses are also suitable for journalists or presenters who need to edit their videos. 

On top of just teaching the use of editing tools we also have courses which are more about the aestetics and storytelling aspect of the edit,  We have run these for clients such as MediaCorp ,Hogarth  Worldwide and SGAG . 

Please visit our Editing course page to find out more 




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