Wan Zhongwei

To operate a Steadicam is like doing a dance, structured but with finesse and yet able to tell a story. Although Zhong Wei is not a dancer by nature, he is able to move together as if he is one with the camera. He has had a deep interest in the art of the moving camera since 2009.

Being technically proficient  with various camera formats, Zhong Wei is able to perform to his fullest potential even in the most demanding situations. He has collaborated with Directors and DPs locally and internationally such as Taiwan, China, Malaysia, United States and the United Kingdom.

As a firm believer of education, Zhong Wei has been an instructor on several Tiffen Steadicam-accredited workshops since 2013. These have brought him to Philippines and China (Beijing Film Academy) for the Steadicam Bronze and Silver workshops, educating and inspiring many other Steadicam operators alike. Zhongwei has also assisted in several of AV8's camera movement and DSLR Cinematography courses where he covers camera movement tools like the DJI Ronin and various Steadicam and Glidecam models.

 Zhong Wei is constantly delving into different aspects of the camera language and continues to hone his skill in the art of camera movement .

His work can be seen below and his fimography can be found at http://www.steadiwanzw.com/filmography :




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