Gek Li San

Gek Li San has been actively involved in the Singapore’s TV and film scene since 1993. Her work ranges from TV documentaries, reality shows, infotainment to trailers for both local and international channels. She has also edited many short and feature films for Singapore filmmakers.

These include two short films directed by Tan Pin Pin;

REMEMBER | A dance featuring a cast of words inspired by a thesaurus

YANGTZE SCRIBBLER | A set of graffiti is found at Yangtze Cinema

Her Feature Length Work includes;

Remember Chek Jawa | A feature documentary film directed by Eric Lim

Gone Shopping | A feature film directed by Wee Li Lin

INNOCENT | A short documentary directed and edited by her won the Special Jury Prize and Special Achievement Prize at Singapore International Film Festival 2004. It was also screened at the Yamagata Documentary Festival, along with many other internationally acclaimed documentaries.

Li San has also been invited to be film mentor and judge for different filmmaking events in Singapore over the past few years. In 2011, Li San delved into a new area of art creation. of art-making. She was given funding from NAC's Art Creation Fund for a dance film installation with two other collaborators of different disciplines. Li San was also commissioned to create a dance film for Singapore Arts Festival 2012.

Her website at many useful resources for filmmakers and editors.




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