Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)


Media staff deploying to high risk locations often may not be equipped with the skills to ensure their safety. This course has saved many lives by teaching participants to be safe in these situations whilst still acquiring the images and footage they need for breaking news stories.

Course Duration
3 days (9.30am to 5.30pm)

Course Fee
S$ 3500 before 7% GST
S$ 3745 after 7% GST

This course is supported for up to 90% subsidy under the IMDA Talent Assistance Scheme.
In addition media freelancers can apply for a S$ 7.50 per hour training allowance.
Availability and amount of subsidies and grants are subject to IMDA. More information about application procedures and terms here.

Who Should Attend
Journalists,Reporters,Producers, Camera operators and anyone who might be working in high risk environments


Course Outline
Journalists,producers  and camera operators who are sent to cover dangerous situations such as riots,battlefield  frontlines or natural disasters need to be equipped with the ability to assess their environment and the potential threats around them.

  •     How close is too close for coverage?
  •     What do you do at a military checkpoint ?
  •     What basic first aid do you need to treat colleagues who are in shock?
  •     What body language should you use when caught in a dangerous mob ?

Experienced international instructors from Global Media Risk take the participants thorough the theory of risk assessment and use  realistic simulations to drive home the best procedures for keeping yourselves and your colleagues safe. Subject matter includes

  •     Selection of fixers, hotels and transport,
  •     Cultural awareness
  •     Remote first aid,
  •     Filming location selection,
  •     Navigating checkpoints
  •     Threat de-escalation
  •     Equipment selection
  •     Protective equipment,
  •     Navigation
  •     Risk assessments - planning and preparation

Organisations such as the BBC and ITN  have made courses like this prerequisites for some job roles and many other broadcasters are following suit. At the end of the course, each participant will receive an assesment and certificate accredited by the world's leading news outlets.

Global Media Risk is be affiliated with the International News Safety Institute as an approved Training, Equipment and Support Provider.

The Instructors

Heat is conducted by a team of instructors from Global Media Risk .

They include Global Media Risk Director Shannon Sedgwick is a highly experienced senior risk consultant and media adviser with extensive experience in the Middle East and throughout Europe, USA and South East Asia. Shannon is regularly seen on national and international television programs and expert panels discussing terrorism and its effects on our society.

Shannon has a degree in Counter Terrorism Security and Intelligence at Edith Cowan University.

Global Media Risk risk consultant Alex Trafton has extensive experience in the Middle East conducting risk consultancy and training. Alex is also a current law enforcement officer and is the head instructor of Krav Maga San Diego.

In addition to years of high level  Krav Maga experience, he is multi-lingual and a Gracie Jiu Jitsu law enforcement instructor and an NRA certified range safety officer.

Global Media Risk Operations Director for the Asia Pacific region Liam Ryan conducts international operations including high threat risk consultancy and safety training for clients such as media, corporate entities, NGOs, and oil/gas/mining corporations.

Liam has worked and trained throughout Eastern and Central Europe, North, Central and South Americas, including Rio, Columbia, Costa Rica and Mexico through South East Asia and the Middle East with recent deployments in Bangladesh, Turkey and Syria.