IP Network Essentials for Engineers




Modern businesses rely on IT networking for much of what they do and IT networks have evolved over the last 50 years to the point that they have the scale and performance to handle video and audio content cost-effectively. This is driving change in broadcast and media businesses. Most are in transition from bespoke digital interconnection standards, such as SDI and AES3 with their dedicated cabling and hardware, to a high-performance IT infrastructure with commodity-based compute-engines running software applications that serve, process, move and store pictures and sound over a suitably designed IT network with common cabling infrastructure. A similar transition has taken place in distribution and playout as IT servers become the norm and content is increasingly consumed by audiences via the internet

This 2 day course will build your understanding of the fundamentals of networking, in which data is transported as packets switched and routed around a common infrastructure. You will learn the key network protocols used and the network layers that are commonly used to understand their scope and function in routing packets between IT hosts and from network to network. The emphasis will be on Ethernet (layer 2) and Internet Protocol (layer 3). You will learn the essentials of enterprise networks and the ways that a network infrastructure can used for media applications.


Please note – A working knowledge in one or more of IT, electronics or media technology with a recognized technology related academic qualification is required for this course. Delegates need to have basic IT user skills and should bring a laptop that has a wired network port or suitable adapter along with them to the training.


2 days (14 training hours)


June 7th - 8th  2018

Course Fee

S$ 2490 per person (S$2664.30)

IABM Member organisations can qualify for discounts. Please contact the IABM to find out more

Who should attend

  •     Technical operators and broadcast engineers or technicians who are unfamiliar with the basics of IT networking
  •     Apprentices or recent technology graduates and other new starters who need to understand the essentials of IT networks
  •     Established technical staff who need to increase their confidence and competence in IT networks
  •     Project or product managers, system integrators or designers who need a better understanding of the fundamentals of packet-switched networks
  •     Managers of engineering or technical support departments who need to improve their understanding of the underlying principles, jargon and concepts of networking

What We Cover

  • Module 1 – Network theory
  • Module 2 – Ethernet and LAN Technology
  • Module 3 – Internet Protocol and the Network Layer
  • Module 4 – TCP and the transport layer     
  • Module 5 – Higher Layer Network Processes
  • Module 6 – Broadcast Network Applications
  • Module 7 – Network Security and Integrity 
  • Module 8 – Broadcast Network Infrastructure

About Your Instructor


Loh Siu Yin, Broadcast Technology and Management Consultant has 30 years of experience in the broadcast industry. He previously held positions as General Manager of Sony Pictures Singapore (SPTL) and Assistant Vice-President of Engineering at Television Corporation of Singapore (now Mediacorp Singapore).