AV8 Media is proud to be associated with REDucation ,the premiere training event for RED in Singapore.

RED Digital Cinema is committed to helping shooters develop hands-on, industry-specific skills through the REDucation ® program. Offering a fully immersive training environment, REDucation provides the on-set and post-production experience needed to feel confident when shooting with any of RED's professional cameras.

This is real-world training taught by industry professionals. REDucation is tailored for all skill levels, from students to working professionals. REDucation instructors teach application knowledge of RED's entire RAW workflow process, from digital acquisition through post production.

Course Date: 
05 - 07 Dec 2018 (Wed - Fri)

3 Days (9.30 am to 5.30 pm)

Lasalle School of the Arts
1 McNally Street
Singapore 187940

The courses is conducted in
Lasalle -SIA Film StudioThe Unit is H301 ,which is Block H level 3
A map and more information can be found here

Breakfast and Lunch are provided.
There will be a dinner + drinks gathering on the 2nd evening/night of the course (after the course on the 2nd day ended)

Course Fee:
S$ 2100 before 7% GST
S$ 2247 after 7% GST

This course is supported for up to 90% subsidy under the IMDA Talent Assistance Scheme.
In addition media freelancers can apply for a S$ 7.50 per hour training allowance.
Availability and amount of subsidies and grants are subject to IMDA.More information about application procedures and terms here.

Course Outline

Led by a team of RED professionals, students shoot and review 4K+ footage on the big screen each day.

REDucation's core course covers:

  •     Introduction to the DSMC2 System: Experience the modular capabilities of the RED DSMC2 system with various monitoring, lens, and mounting options
  •     Menu Structure: A complete overview of the camera menus and options
  •     Exposure Dynamics: Shooting RED in low light, high contrast, and daylight exterior
  •     Shooting Exercises: Learn best practices whether shooting motion, stills, or in HDRx
  •     Science of RED: IPP2, Bayer pattern, resolution, codec choices, wavelets, and color science
  •     R3D Workflow: Post house and DIT overview, archival, editing and grading options
  •     Daily Screenings: Showcase of 4K footage from students and RED archives
  •     Data Dynamics: Learn about R3D file management, archiving, data rates, and hardware options
  •     Color Grading: Demonstrations from industry leaders regarding 4K professional color grading


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About Your Instructors

REDucation is taught worldwide by a team of talented and experienced instructors.

Ivan Agerton


Ivan is a Seattle based photographer and cinematographer based in Seattle specializing in corporate brand and commercial work. Ivan’s expertise goes both above and below ground as an aerial shooter and a certified under-water camera operator. Ivan is also contributing cinematographer/photographer to Getty Images and WOLF magazine as well as a commissioned fine art photographer.When he is not on set or location he works as a chief instructor for RED Digital Cinema's REDucation clinics. Ivan has taught hundreds of students how to properly operate, expose and manage the workflow of the RED Camera System during quarterly clinics held at RED Studios Hollywood.

Justin O'Neill


Justin O'Neill is technical director for World Travel VR, formulating high resolution data workflows and integrating new technologies such as the MoVi camera stabilizer, remote controlled octocopters, and virtual reality experiences into their clients project vision. He is also technical director at Royal Galactic Media,bringing the Hollywood-level camera power of  RED Digital Cinema to every level of digital production. Justin formalized workflows and data management for Microsoft’s 2013 and 2014 Visioning projects that shot across multiple states in the US and around the world in France, Switzerland, Vietnam, Taiwan and Australia, while also providing support as MoVi technician and RED Dragon octocopter pilot. In 2014, Justin was part of a team of 4 that shot a series of 12 documentary films for ExxonMobil, starting in Shanghai, then spending a week on a North Sea oil platform off the coast of Norway and finally wrapping up on the plains of Patagonia, Argentina.

Justin has piloted the Skyjib 8 octocopter carrying a RED Dragon camera for clients such as Quicksilver, Qualcomm, Microsoft, Netflix and for feature films shot across Vietnam. In 2014, Justin joined up with a group pioneering live action virtual reality video for the Oculus Rift and Vive headsets. His early involvement with RED Digital Cinema company led him to work on some of the first projects shot in 4k. He is now an instructor for RED Digital Cinema’s “REDUCATION” classes around the world.

Steve Johnson


Steve is a self taught filmmaker and his love for film first began after watching Star Wars at the Futurist Theatre in Liverpool. Steve is an owner/operator of a RED EPIC Dragon camera and established Futurist Online Ltd (later becoming Futurist Digital Ltd ) in 2005  in Glasgow, Scotland. Over the years, Johnson developed his skills on the Red Digital Cinema Camera and specialises in RED Camera Operation, Cinematography, DIT and OnSet Post Production. He has been involved in REDucation since 2009 and regularly teaches in many cities across the globe including Berlin, Brisbane, London, Los Angeles, and Moscow. He also regularly teaches for RED at the YouTube Space, London.