High Speed Cinematography Masterclass

(Image courtesy of Mike Seyfang via Creative Commons and Flickr at http://www.flickr.com/photos/mikeblogs/) 

The High Speed Cinematography masterclass teaches cinematographers ,DoP's and cameramen all about shooting high frame rates for slow motion.
They'll get a chance to use state of the art equipment to shoot scenarios that they've previously thought unshootable.
They also learn about the technicalities of lighting for a high frame rate shoot as well as stylistic choices that can be made to achieve particular effects.

Course Duration: 
1 Day 
(9.30am - 5.30pm)


Course Fee:
S$950 per person before GST
S$1016.50 per person after GST

Directors, Directors of Photography, Cinematographers and Camera Operators

Course Outline

  • Intro to High Speed Cinematography

  • Frame Rates achievable by different cameras

  • The right frame rate for the right ffect

  • Lighting for High Speed shoots

  • Types of lights useable

  • Demos on different light sources

  • Hands on in the studio
    (balloon bursting, ice cube dropping into coke etc)

  • Shot review

  • High Speed as creative tool

  • Costs involved in a high speed shoot

  • Uses for High Speed in Production

  • On camera slow motion versus post production software based slow motion

About the Instructor


An award winning cinematographer M.Senthilnathan is founder of T-Eight Films.
He has worked on all genres including TVCs, corporate videos, short films and documentaries.
Senthil has garnered his wealth of expertise working as a Director of Photography in numerous projects.

His recent awards are

  • Panasonic Digital Film fiesta 2010 Best Cinematography Award for “Checkmate”

  • New York Festivals Bronze World Medal for Cinematography 2009 “Why Icarus cannot fly”

  • Winner of World Promax bda Bronze and Asia Promax bda Silver Award for BEST COMEDY CAMPAIGN 2008
    Calefare Promo Trailers, Channel 5 DOP

Never one to settle for the tried-and-true, Senthil is always seeking new ways to further his craft he strives to give each project its own soul, as reflected by the distinctive visual styles expressed through lighting, camerawork, colour and tonality.

It is this sense of discovery interwoven with the creative process that distinguishes him from his contemporaries.