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Speed and flexibility to unleash creativity and drive more projects

1. Get as much performance as you need

Connect more suites; edit new 4K and 8K as well VR stereoscopic video formats. Adapt to new resolutions and bitrates on a moment’s notice. Tiger Store lets you start small with a single NAS server and connect more servers (or high-speed clients) to the same storage to deliver more performance. While you can use internal or external storage, external RAID enclosures will ensure maximum flexibility. The High-Availability (HA) option provides the transparent failover that lets you build a solution with no single point of failure.

2. Augment capacity on-the-fly

Storage only gets full in the middle of important productions, because clients show up with twice as much footage than anticipated. Tiger Pool enables admins to pre-format their new RAIDs aside from the SAN, and then simply add them to the pool when ready – risk free. The additional space gets added to the total capacity of the pool. Unlike DFS, there is no restriction to the amount of content that can be stored on a particular folder. Fear no longer to increase storage capacity in the midst of your production!

3. Mix Mac, Windows and Linux seamlessly

The integration of Mac and Linux computers in Windows environment continues to chill down many admins because Mac users are often struggling with file permissions, application incompatibilities, files disappearing, locked files, file corruption, file naming issues and disconnected sessions. Tiger Store provides a highly optimized block-level connection to your shared storage. This means that, in addition to featuring an SMB3 connection, you can also mount your shared volume mounts as a local drive on all computers when using the Tiger client. In this case, there is no more difference, other than speed, between clients accessing storage over 1GbE Ethernet or 32Gbps Fibre Channel. Projects can be opened without needing re-linking.

4. Run all your favorite applications

The Tiger client software has been optimized for video streaming as well as for delivering the best editing experience with the widest range of content creation applications. Just see below:

5. The most compatible Avid support

Tiger has long been known for offering the most compatible bin locking technology. You can literally copy&paste the entire content of an Avid volume onto a Tiger-powered storage and continue working as if nothing had changed. Some of the largest post production facilities in the world have chosen Tiger over a genuine Avid solution to get better performance, improve their workflow, and save money.

6. Give it your best shot

Shooting the perfect shot is an art, but finding it later also requires more than luck. The IMC MAM has been tightly integrated into Tiger Spaces. It lets your team ingest, catalog and locate media assets easily across your entire network. Local and remote users can review, annotate and make shot selection remotely. Their selection can then be imported as an EDL into your favorite editing application. Tiger Spaces|MAM substantially cuts down the time spent in the edit room, allowing you to better monetize your equipment with value-add, creative work.

7. Streamline your entire pipeline

Optimizing workflows while dealing with freelancers and prying-eyes can be challenging. Who should access what content and when? What if someone else is already making edits on an episode? Tiger Spaces lets you easily manage your production pipeline by setting up project-based workspaces that can then be assigned to users and teams. Users can strictly see and access what projects data they were given access to. Prying eyes can no longer glide around and freelancers stay focused, knowing exactly where to find and create content. Dynamic arbitration lets you decide if more than one user should have write access to any given workspace at any given time. Project-based workspaces can then dynamically be re-assigned to the most appropriate storage resource to best accommodate your production pipeline.

8. Save on premium storage

On-line, production-grade storage always comes at a premium because it is designed for speed. Instead of using it inefficiently to hold dormant projects, only get enough for your active jobs and push all unused data to a more cost-effective tier of storage. Tiger Bridge’s Data Lifecycle Management policies allow you to realize substantial savings by making your NAS, tape and Object-based storage appear as a natural extension to your on-line storage. It works like a charm.

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