HGST Storage


Creating, managing and delivering engaging content is harder than ever. Higher resolution, tighter production schedules, global teams and expanding delivery options are pushing the boundaries of workflow efficiency. The need for highly scalable and globally accessible storage to catalog, collaborate, distribute and archive rich digital media content has never been greater.

Media and entertainment organizations are responding by streamlining their infrastructure to lower cost and improve their ability to quickly respond to new opportunities. Fast ingest and global access to current and past projects make collaborating easier. Our innovations in flash and object storage help accelerate today’s workflows and pave the way for what’s coming next. See how our solutions accelerate post production workflow, simplify digital asset management, and distribute content more effectively. Rely on us for every stage of your workflow.


Create and Deliver Content Faster

Whether you are content creator or a brand, the need for immediate, shared access to media files has never been more important. The never-ending pressure to deliver higher-quality and more engaging content across a globally diverse ecosystem is straining traditional workflow and infrastructure to its limits.

End-to-end workflow and media asset management on top of a modern, streamlined, cloud-enabled infrastructure can help transform the creative process across global teams, from ingest to a central repository.

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