Professional-grade storage for every step of your creative workflow

With the G-Technology range of professional drives, you have the perfect accompaniment and support for each stage of professional video production. Whether multiple stream editing, transferring RAW footage quickly or storing whole projects, the G-Technology range of professional external hard drives is designed to meet and exceed every professional need.

The range comprises rugged, portable drives for location work, solid and versatile options for compressed and non-compressed 4K post-production, and ample storage options. Fast and ultra-reliable 7200RPM drives, RAID options and fast transfer are just some of the reasons G-Technology hard drives are the first choice for video professionals and camera operators.

Key Features
The strong, silent type


Stylish, aircraft-grade aluminum enclosures not only protect your precious data from knocks and bumps, but also keep them cool – acting as a heat sink for our fanless drives and ensuring they are ult