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MDA Subsidised Courses and Application Procedures

Attendees of some of our  courses can apply for  90 % subsidy through the MDA Talent Assistance Specialised Training Grant.

  • Media practitioners who are Singaporeans or Singapore PRs can apply for MDA Talent Assistance grants for 90%  of the course fee .

  • Successful applicants would pay the amount after subsidy. For example is the course fee is S$ 1000 inclusive of GST,successful applicants would pay S$ 100 (10 %) while AV8 would work with Six Degrees and MDA to get the remaining 90%
  • In addition to the subsidy ,media freelancers can  apply for a Training Allowance of S$7.50 per training hour. This is paid after the conclusion of the course.

  • All grant applications have to be submitted to Six Degrees at least 21 calendar days  before the course start. All applications are subject to approval

Talent Assistance is open to:

Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents holding the following occupations :

(a)   media employees of Singapore-registered media companies;

(b)   media freelancers; or

(c)    fresh media graduates as detailed below:

i) Completed academic studies within the last twelve (12) months with an Institute of Higher Learning (IHL) or obtained at least a diploma* from a local Private Education Institute (PEI) registered with the Council of Private Education (CPE)​​1 that is either EduTrust Certified by CPE​​2 or a Workforce Development Agency (WDA) accredited Continuing Education and Training (CET) centre​​3; or

ii)                   Completed NS within last twelve (12) months and completed academic studies with an IHL or obtained at least a diploma* from a local PEI registered with the CPE that is either EduTrust Certified by CPE or a WDA accredited CET centre.

Mid-career switchers (those who are not currently employed in a media company), fresh graduads of non-media related studies, lecturers of media courses, students, national servicemen and those not listed above are not eligible for Specialised Training Grant.


In addition, to the grant  eligible local media freelancers can  apply for a Training Allowance of S$7.50 per training hour. This is paid after the conclusion of the course.

Administration of MDA subsidies is done by Six Degrees Asia. Applicants should submi their funding applications at least 21 calendar  before commencement of the course to provide MDA and Six Degrees sufficient time to go through the applications.

Please note that availability of the grant is determined by MDA and Six Degrees


Currently the following courses qualify for 90 % subsidy under the MDA Talent Assistance scheme.

Video Editing

Colour Grading ,Visual Effects and Motion Graphics

Camera and Lighting



Health and Safety

Steps to apply for Talent Assistance Specialised Training Grant through Six Degrees

Applicants should first have the following 4 soft documents ready beforehand to upload to their online grants application:

1.Scan of NRIC (front and back) in a single file

2.Copy of resume (in MDA's preferred format. You can download the template here )

3.Programme description and / or marketing material. (You can copy and paste this from our website and submit as a word doc or a PDF)

4.Short write up of expected outcomes of training and relevance to career

Step 2:
Once account has been activated and logged in, proceed to

Step 3:

Applicants are encouraged to read through the  FAQs

Please note that salaried employees can apply for just the Specialised Training Grant (90% of the course fee) while freelancers can apply for BOTH the Training Grant (90% of the course fee) and  Training Allowance (S$ $7.50 per training hour)

Step 4:

Applicants are to fill up all the compulsory details and upload all the required documents. Upon applying successfully, Six Degrees will then conduct an assessment on the applicant’s eligibility and follow up with the applicant within 14 working days via email.

For queries you can contact us and we'll do our best to help you or you can also contact Six Degrees at or call 6338 3018.

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