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HDSLR and Compact Camera Cinematography

In recent years,Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) Cameras from companies like

Canon , Panasonic,Nikon and Sony ,which were typically designed for shooting still images,are now capable of shooting high resolution video as well. This enabled end users to achieve very professional images by using high quality photographic lenses to shoot their video .As these DSLR cameras that could shoot HD video became more commonly used,they began to be called HDSLR cameras.Hot on the heels of the HDSLR revolution,other companies like Blackmagic Design began creating cameras which kept the small form factor of the HDSLR and packed in even more video features such as 4k and RAW video recording

Takeup in the media industry has been high ,but many videographers DP's and cinematographers may not know how to optimise shooting with this new generation of cameras and the various tips ,tricks and workarounds to ensure they get the best results.

AV8 Media has specifically designed  this course to address these concerns

Target Audience:

DoP's ,Videographers,Directors

Duration :

3 days

Class Size:

4-8 people

Format :

1st Day - 1  day indoor theory/presentation classes
2nd Day - 1/2 day indoor session shoot & 1/2 day outodoor shoot
3rd Day - 1/2 day outdoor shoot and 1/2 day review


S$1500 per person before GST

This course is supported for up to 90% subsidy under the IMDA Talent Assistance Scheme through Six Degrees Asia . In addition media freelancers can apply for a S$ 7.50 per hour training allowance.

Availability and amount of subsidies and grants are subject to IMDA and Six Degrees.More information about application procedures and terms here.


23 - 25 Apr 2018
(IMDA submissions by 01 Apr 2018)


9.30 am to 5.30 pm

Equipment & Requirements

• Possess intermediate to advanced videography experience

• Preferably already own a HDSLR or compact camera & lens. This is not essential though.

• Professional HDSLR and compact camera  equipment will be provided

Attendees are more than welcome to bring your own equipment and lenses. A
significant part of this workshop involves outdoor shooting. Locations will be
within walking distance of AV8 Media . As such,participants should dress
comfortably and be prepared to carry their own equipment. With Singapore's
weather being what It is,it would also advisable to be prepared for wet weather(umbrella/raincoat etc)

Course Outline

Introduction-What is a 'High Definition Single Lens Reflex' camera?

  • Characteristics, Form & Functions of the HDSLR
  • Other Compact professional video cameras
    • Blackmagic Cinema Camera

    • Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera

Digital Cinematography on the Compact Camera

  • ISO Film Speed & Noise (vs Gain Settings)
  • Bokeh
  • The HDSLR Electronic Shutter Speed
  • Frame Rates
  • Progressive vs Interlace
  • Compressions & Bitrates

DSLR Models & Other Cameras

  • The Image Sensor
  • The DSLR Sensor - What is 'Full Frame'?
  • Sensor Size Comparision between HDSLR and other Compact cameras
  • Price Comparision between HDSLR and other Compact cameras

Video Characteristics of DSLRs

  • Defective Pixels
  • Aliasing & Moire
  • Rolling Shutter Effects
  • Overheating
  • HDMI Output

Choosing the Right Lens

  • Primes
  • Zooms
  • Still Photography vs Cine Lens
  • Crop Factor & Focal Length Multiplier
  • Lens Review by Shane Hurlbut (excerpt taken from Shane Hurlbut, ASC)


  • Choosing the right storage media (Compact Flash Card/SD card/SSD)
  • Transferring Files
  • Data Wrangling

Audio Support for the DSLR and compact video camera

  • On Camera Audio
  • Separate System Audio Recording

Customizing/Modifying your compact camera

  • Transforming the DSLR
  • Base Systems & Cages
  • Handheld Rigs
  • Focus Systems
  • Mattebox / Filter Holders
  • DSLR Viewfinders
  • Electronic Viewfinders
  • Field Monitors (HDMI)

Shooting with the Compact Video Camera - Functions, Rules & Tips

  • Focusing with Photographic Lenses
  • Locking the Shutter Speed
  • Neutral Density Filters
  • Controlling the F/Stop
  • Disabling Auto Functions
  • White Balance
  • Canon DSLR Electronic ISO & Noise Levels
  • Panning
  • Understanding & Optimizing the Picture Styles
  • Stretching the Latitude ('Shooting for Post')
  • Choosing the Right Picture Style
  • Using & Understanding the Histogram
  • Shooting Time Lapse
  • Getting the 'Right Gear for the Right Job'

Camera motion with a DSLR or compact camera

  • Manual Sliders
  • Motion Control Sliders
  • Glidecam/Steadicam
  • Jib Arms

    Discussion and footage review  of

  • Customized Helmet Mounts
  • Tyler MiniGyro
  • RC Helicopter Rigs

Post Production Workflow

  • H.264 Native Video Recording
  • Transcoding Methods
  • The DSLR Post Workflow
  • The Blackmagic RAW Post Workflow
  • Image Correction Softwares & Plug-Ins
  • Basic Editing
  • Basic Coloring & Exporting
  • Advanced Time Lapse (HDR & Post Production)


  • Understanding & Working with the DSLR
  • Maximizing the DSLR's potential
  • Current & Future Role of the HDSLR
  • Comparison between the HDSLR and  Compact RAW video cameras such as the Blackmagic Cinema Cam

About the Instructor

Lim Teck Siang has been active in the local film industry for several years, taking on a multitude of roles in pursuit of his passion for film. His early professional experience includes working on feature films such as Kelvin Tong’s 'Kidnapper', Royston Tan’s ‘Getai’ double-bill '881' and '12 Lotus', on top of numerous commercials, short films, and print advertisements.

At the 23rd Singapore International Film Festival in 2010, his camerawork for ‘Mu Dan' was awarded Best Cinematography (Short Film Category) at the Silver Screen Awards. 'Mu Dan' also garnered Best Performance. 'Promises In December', which won the Best Film and Best Director awards, was also lensed by Teck Siang.

He has worked with with a variety of formats including film,and the RED One and is an early adopter of the HDSLR,having shot documentaries, short films, corporate work and commercials on the Canon 5D/7D.His showreel can be seen at


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