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Eye in the Sky :Aerial Cinematography

Eye in the Sky : Aerial Cinematography

With the availability of powerful remote controlled drones and a range of small high resolution cameras to mount onto them,aerial cinematography has become another tool in the visual storyteller's arsenal.

However before using these in productions it is useful to know the safety aspects and limitations of these devices. Once these are adequately understood the next step is to actually learn to pilot these devices.

 This 2 day course is designed to provide a firm grounding in the legal and safety issues of drone use as well as to provide a basic grounding in the operation of a drone for the purpose of video production.


2 days (9.30am to 5.30pm)

Price :

S$ 2800.00 before 7% GST

This course is supported for up to 90% subsidy under the IMDA Talent Assistance Scheme through Six Degrees Asia . In addition media freelancers can apply for a S$ 7.50 per hour training allowance.

Availability and amount of subsidies and grants are subject to IMDA and Six Degrees.More information about application procedures and terms here.

Dates :

28 - 29 Mar 2018
(IMDA submission deadline is 06 Mar 2018)

Course Outline

Part 1: Introduction to the Drone

  • Principles of Flight
  • Characteristics of Flight Controls
  • UAV Characteristics
  • Different Flying modes
  • Line of Sight Flying Skills
  • Recommended Drone Choices

Part 2: Legal & Safety issues

  • CAAS Roles & Regulations
  • UAV Safety & Handling
  • Safety Checks & Standard Operating Procedures
  • Contingency Plans

Part 3: Roles of an Aerial Director / Co-pilot

  • Understanding Your Role
  • Planning Your Shots
  • Drone Movement
  • Gimbal Movement
  • The Flying Language
  • Maximize Your Flight Time
  • Team Effort
  • Camera Settings
  • Exposure Settings
  • How to use the DJI Pilot App

Part 4: Flight Simulator

  • Demonstration on DJI Flight Simulator
  • Group Breakout & Practice

Part 5: Aerial Cinematography – Flight Patterns to Master

  • The Line,
  • The Crab
  • The Elevator
  • The Arc
  • The 360
  • The Moving Object
  • The Fly Past

Part 6: Flying a Drone

  • Live Demonstration with DJI Phantom
  • Pre-flight Checks
  • Group Break out & Practice

Part 7: Create your Own Aerial Video

  • Pre-production Flight planning
  • Group Break out & Shoot

About the Instructor


Aerial Director / Cinematographer

CK studied in San Francisco at the California College of the Arts & graduated in 1994 with a BFA in Furniture & Industrial Design. In 1998, he started Upside Down Concepts, an award-winning video production house in Singapore. In the last 20 years, he has directed & shot more than 500 projects ranging from TV reality, documentaries, drama, sports programming, feature film, music videos & stereoscopic 3D production.

In 2014, CK started Skyshot, an aerial and time-lapse filming company. His aerial cinematography works include TV programs for BBC, Discovery Channel Asia, HBO, CNBC, History Asia & Channel News Asia.

CK is also the co-founder of
Wheels for HOPE, a local initiative that brings more than 2000 bicycles to disadvantaged and impoverished rural communities in Cambodia & the Philippines.

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