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MGW Micro Premium

Low-Latency Multi-Channel Compact H.264 Appliance
Featuring TurboVideo™ Technology  

Faster, denser, more powerful and more cost-effective - MGW Micro Premium is Optibase’s most advanced industrial-grade, MPEG-4 H.264 portable encoding and streaming appliance ever. With TurboVideo™ technology, MGW Micro Premium is designed for low latency streaming of high-definition and standard-definition video sources across the enterprise, utilizing minimal bandwidth while preserving broadcast-quality video up to full HD 1080p60 resolution.

Market Leader in Streaming Capacity

MGW Micro Premium encodes and streams up to two separate HD sources or up to five separate SD sources or one HD source and four SD sources in an ultra small form factor, making it the most compact, professional-grade H.264 AVC encoder in the market.

Best-in-Class Connectivity Options

MGW Micro Premium offers the highest flexibility with video inputs including 3G, HD-SDI, SD-SDI, DVI, HDMI and Composite, as well as digital embedded audio or analog audio in a single appliance. A built-in video matrix and scaler enables the operator to take a single video source and encode it up to five times with different resolutions and frame rates, with optional on-the-fly downscaling of HD source to SD streams.

High-Performance Appliance for Mission-Critical Applications

MGW Micro Premium is the ideal encoding and streaming platform for organizational networks, remote locations, mobile vehicles or the most extreme military environments, optimized for mission critical ingestion and dissemination of Full Motion Video (FMV) with optional metadata information. Its professional-grade, rugged enclosure combined with Optibase’s 6-th generation H.264 HD/SD video compression engine, offers durability, quality of service and best-in-class video quality with less than 65 milliseconds encoding latency, powered by Optibase TurboVideo™ technology. MGW Micro Premium’s ultra-small, airborne-ready footprint makes it a perfect solution for portable applications.

Fully Secure End-to-End IP Video Delivery Solution

MGW Micro Premium can be used as a stand-alone high quality, low latency encoder or in conjunction with Optibase EZ TV and FITIS IPTV Systems to provide a fully secure end-to-end IP video delivery solution utilizing its internal AES-256/128-bit encryption capability. Using the low latency decoding capabilities of Optibase EZ TV and FITIS PC Players, operators can achieve end-to-end latency of less than 140 milliseconds with HD 1080p video or with standard definition content.
  • Point-to-Point video contribution with ultra low latency streaming
  • Dissemination of Situational Awareness and Full Motion Video (FMV) content across LANs and WANs
  • Intelligence Security and Surveillance (ISR) video from mobile and airborne vehicles
  • Full HD 1080p60 monitoring
  • Encoding and multicasting high-res HDMI/DVI sources
  • Digital signage
  • Streaming PC screens over the LAN / WAN
  • Distribution of TV content on an organizational network
  • High density with multiple encoding engines to support 2 HD sources or 5 SD sources
  • Less than 65 milliseconds encoding latency
  • Ultra small form factor, ideal for mobile applications
  • Rugged, fanless, securable enclosure, optimized for harsh environments
  • Transport infrastructure agnostic: Satellite, xDSL, LANs, WANs and fiber
  • Backhaul situational awareness contribution from the edge


  • Superb HD and SD H.264 AVC compression quality
  • Supports a wide range of bit rates, frame rates and resolutions
  • Airborne-ready rugged design with no moving parts
  • Less than 65 milliseconds latency with metadata insertion
  • Built-in AES-256/128-bit encryption, fully integrated with Optibase EZ TV and FITIS Players
  • Flexible inputs: 3G, HD/SD-SDI, DVI, HDMI and Composite in one appliance
  • Ability to encode a video source at 5 different resolutions and data rates in parallel
Advanced Features
  • Low Latency Streaming, powered by Optibase TurboVideo™ technology: ultra-fast video compression and streaming algorithms
  • Multi-Stream Mode: Unprecedented processing power - Up to 5 distinct simultaneous encoding sessions from a single source for serving recipients with different quality/bandwidth needs
  • Encryption: AES-256/128-bit, fully interoperable with Optibase EZ TV and FITIS systems
  • Smooth Streaming: Optibase Smoothing™ algorithm for shaping outbound traffic to ensure highest quality of service and consistent bandwidth utilization
  • Metadata Insertion: Real-time Cursor on Target to Key Length Value conversion (CoT to KLV) as per MISB EG0601.1, EG0601.4, and EG0805
  • Built-in Scaler: Integrated resolution and frame rate scaler automatically adjusts incoming sources to specified encoding resolutions and frame rates

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