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Virtual Sets and Plugins


intensiKey 1.1

Easy to use interFace

Designed from the ground up to be powerful yet easy to use, intensiKey meets the needs of a broad range of virtual set compositing tasks including chroma keying, sizing talent appropriately into the virtual set, and adding B source video correctly to monitors.
  Easy to use Green Screen
intensi Key built in chroma keyer let's you bring footage in straight from your camera. Key even difficult footage without getting overly technical with just a few easy to use controls.

Free Trial

intensiKey does all this without having to learn any complicated 3D or compositing software. Demo intensiKey and see for yourself how virtual set production has been revolutionized. 

  How it Works

The chroma keyer works by removing green or blue pixels in a certain range. This 'sees' through to the 3D virtual set behind it, creating the illusion that the talent is actually immersed in the environment. intensiKey goes further allowing you to place the talent behind objects like desks or walk out from behind pillars.

Virtual Sets

intensiKey includes five amazing virtual sets designed specifically for use with intensikey. These sets are true 3D virtual environments, you can position your talent and camera anywhere in them and animate the camera movement.

intensiKey's sets put your footage into the right place, sizing your talent appropriately and putting your B Source footage into screens without any complex manipulation.

More sets are available for purchase 

Additional Virtual Sets

See a demo video here

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