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Fundamentals of After Effects


This class is designed for anyone interested in learning visual effects and motion graphics. Basic video editing knowledge is a must and ability to use Adobe Premiere Pro would be an advantage.


16 hours (2 days)


12 - 13 Dec 2017 (Tue-Wed)


AV8 Media


S$590 per person before GST


  • 2 Day After Effects Fundamentals

    1 Timeline

    Navigating the Interface
    Organizing Files
    Creating a Composition
    Using the Essential Tools
    Viewing Options
    Importing Different types of assets
    Effective Timeline Workflow
    Previewing a Timeline

    2 Keyframe Animation

    Types of Animation
    Using Anchor Point & Position
    Creating Simple Keyframe Animations
    Creating Animations with Multiple Properties
    Animating to Music
    Enabling Motion Blur

    3 Creating Realistic Movements

    Adjusting Animation Speeds
    Reversing an Animation
    Acceleration and Deceleration
    Using Graphs to Control the Speed of Animation
    Offsetting Movement

    4 Basic Text Animation

    Applying Text Animation Presets
    Creating Your Own Custom Text Animation
    Text Animation on a Using Paths
    Using Automation in Text Animation
    Controlling Tempo and Space in a Text Animation
    Saving an Animation as a Preset

    5 Creating Lower­Thirds

    Using Masks to Reveal Text
    Using Guidelines
    Masking Videos to Create Lower Thirds
    Reversing Animation
    Mini Project ­ Creating Your Own Animated Lower­Third

    6 ­ Export and Output

    Quality Settings
    Formats and Filesizes
    Exporting Multiple Compositions
    Exporting Multiple Formats
    Exporting with transparency
    Workflow Efficiency when working between Different Adobe Software.


Lynus Hee spent 10 years in video post-production as an editor and motion graphics artist and has worked for broadcasters such as Channel Nine Television and BBC World. He completed his bachelor degree in film and television with distinction in 2001 from Curtin University and was also inducted into the Golden Key International Honour Society. Lynus has been using Adobe software for almost 20 years and is now an Adobe Certified Video Specialist certified to teach 4 different Adobe Software namely Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro and Encore. He had also been a contributing editor to magazines such as PhotoVideoi and Playworks and a speaker in seminars such as Photo Imaging Xchange alongside Julieanne Kost and photographer John Cosgrove.

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