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S3D Measurement and Monitoring

Stereolabs Pure3D

Accuracy and reliability combined.

STEREOLABS paves the way for a new era of 3D production.

PURE is a unique SIP designed for 3D HD video analysis, automatic rig control and live processing.

Live Analyzer

Detect any type of camera mismatch in realtime, including geometric, color and depth issues

Automatic Rig Control

Set-up automatically rigs from major manufacturers: Element Technica, Stereotec, P+S, SwissRig .

Image Processor

Correct instantly residual mismatch with the most accurate and reliable digital correction

  1. HD/SD Dual I/O

    Simultaneously capture two HD or SD cameras and output corrected dual streams through SDI in various formats: dual left/right, side-by-side, above/below.

  2. Live Analysis

    Obtain all relevant information about your cameras and rig: roll, convergence, y-shift, zoom, focus, iris. Adjusting your stereo rig has never been easier.

  3. Quality Control

    Use PURE QC log reports to check if the recorded footage contains any alignment, color or depth errors and correct them in post.

  4. Automatic Rig Calibration

    Connect your rig to PURE through RS232 and calibrate your rig automatically. PURE profiles the lenses and controls I/O, Convergence, Zoom, Focus and Iris motors.

  5. Depth Control

    Precise control of the depth budget is paramount in Stereo3D. PURE included depth tools help you to control your parallax range, and warn you when 3D depth budget in-front and behind your display is exceeded.

  6. Automatic Mismatch Correction

    PURE corrects alignment errors automatically, down to subpixel accuracy. This image processing technology guarantees technically perfect stereo content, making it ideal for live broadcasting and 3D shooting environments.


Find out why PURE is the most powerful SIP.

Designed for studio and mobile 3D production, PURE is one of the most accurate and reliable analyzer in the industry. Whether you need high precision analytics, automatic adjustment of your rig system or live image processing, you'll find it all in PURE.

High-end analytics

Accurate 3D rig calibration can be complex and time-consuming. PURE greatly simplifies this process by providing live analysis and exhaustive feedback about your rig configuration.

PURE is one of the most accurate and reliable stereo image analyzer in the industry. It allows the user to analyze and track in realtime the smallest optical or mechanical mismatch: roll, convergence, vertical shift, zoom, focus and iris data is provided, along with the depth structure of the scene to help set

IO and convergence. With PURE, any cinema or broadcast technician can expect to set up high-quality shots in just a few minutes.

PURE also streamlines the 3D workflow by recording and transmitting full rig and camera metadata information to remote systems and operators.

Three-digit accuracy

PURE is incredibly precise. It measures zoom, convergence, rotation and y-shift misalignments down to 1/100th of a unit.

Most stable analysis

Calibrating a rig can be difficult with fluctuating analysis values. PURE improved stability simplifies fine mechanical adjustments on 3D camera rigs.

Faster than ever

Benchmarks have shown a significant boost in speed for the new PURE release. Expect to reduce your set-up time even further.

Unique rig control


3D production costs can be substantially higher than 2D HD, due to the presence of extra crew members and longer shooting times. By introducing unique rig control capabilities, PURE finally makes the creation process much quicker and cost-effective for live broadcasts and feature films.


Designed in collaboration with major rig, camera and lens manufacturers, PURE rig control module can drive interaxial, convergence, focus, iris and zoom motors of most popular rigs and cameras.


For live broadcasts, PURE provides lens tracking features that allow to setup and configure any type of full servo lens pairs to match throughout their range. PURE automatically compensates for mechanical differences between the lenses, enabling flawless zooming across the entire focal range. Focus and convergence can also be tied together with zoom for easier control.


PURE sets new standards for 3D production.

Rigs with full lens, tilt, roll and height motorization can now be setup automatically by PURE and ready for shooting in less than a minute!

Lens Profiling

PURE brings unique lens profiling capabilities and enables automatic adjustment of zoom, focus and iris motors over their entire range.

Broadcast metadata

PURE generates and broadcasts metadata for use for live graphics, video assist and post production. 

Drive Popular Rigs

Through partnerships with Element Technica, Chrosziel and Cmotion, PURE can setup and drive all major 3D rigs automatically.

Hardware independent

PURE is camera and lens independent: it can match Panasonic, Sony, Grass Valley, Arri or RED cameras and all type of external lens, including Angenieux, Fujinon and Canon prime or servo lenses.

Leading video processor

PURE pushes the boundaries of high-quality 3D image processing. It detects in real-time stereo differences and can correct any geometric and color mismatch with subpixel accuracy by the push of a button.


PURE is a must-have tool for any broadcast television or feature film Stereo3D production. It integrates a series of tools to finely control the 3D effect, monitor depth and safe zones, and provide immediate Stereo3D viewing. It can be also be configured to input and output virtually any type of stereo content: Side-by-Side, Above/Below, Dual Left/Right…


By using massively parallel CUDA™ and OpenCL technologies, PURE delivers impressive video processing performance. Through our partnership with Bluefish444, frame delay is reduced down to a minimum.

Remote access to analytics

With the latest PURE Remote technology, remote access to analytics has never been this simple!
PURE Remote allows you to connect to PURE with an iPad or iPhone and display its live analysis anywhere on the field, making rig set up quick and simple.

PURE Remote is provided free of charge with PURE.

Real-time app

Benefit from a realtime connection between PURE and the app to quickly adjust your rig and cameras. 


Wireless connection

Download the PURE Remote application on your iPhone or iPad and get wireless access to PURE analytics.

Technical Specs

Hardware Requirements

  • HP Z600/Z800 architecture
  • Dual Intel 4 or 6 core processors to benefit from SSE acceleration
  • Minimum 12 GB RAM
  • NVidia Quadro 4000 graphics card
  • BlueFish444 Epoch or Decklink Duo capture card
  • NVidia Quadro SDI Output
  • Compatible Windows 7 64-bit, Linux
  • Recommended screen resolution : 1920 x 1200
  • Scalable hardware configuration allows for faster data refresh rates with more CPU cores



  • Accurately measure stereo image differences down to 1/100th of a unit
  • Zoom mismatch
  • Focus mismatch
  • Iris mismatch
  • Vertical misalignment (in pixels or image percentage)
  • Roll mismatch
  • Convergence (in pixels or image percentage)
  • Lens distortion : detect barrel and pincushion distortion on wide angle lenses
  • Analysis information can be displayed on the image in full screen view
  • Geometric and depth metadata can be recorded in a file or output as a TCP-IP/UDP stream
  • Analysis info can be displayed remotely on iPhone™ or iPad™ with the PURE Remote application


  • Display depth histogram with far, near and convergence plane
  • Draw colored points on the image to indicate far, near and convergence plane
  • User selectable depth budget (in pixels or image percentage)
  • Choose between depth budget presets to match screen size requirements
  • Display depth alerts and safe zones in IO and Convergence to warn when depth budget in-front and behind the display is exceeded
  • Display depth and pop-out grids on the image 


  • Built-in histograms and RGB Parade to accurately evaluate levels of red, green and blue components
  • Built-in Y waveform displaying the luminance of the video signal
  • Built-in vectorscope displaying videos' chrominance information
  • Color scopes anaglyph mode to easily detect color differences
  • Tonal Range view to reveal shadow, midtone and highlight regions in the image
  • Zebra 100 view to display saturated regions in the image



  • Detect and record in realtime camera misalignments, lens mismatch and depth budget violations
  • HTML error logs are provided along with the timecode of the erroneous frames for later processing in post

Rig Control

  • Motor control of IO, convergence, zoom, focus, iris of most popular rigs. Full list of compatible rigs will be available soon.
  • Virtual convergence in PURE can be controlled by external hand controllers (ex: THC from Element Technica)
  • Lens profiling: Zoom, focus and iris can be calibrated and matched through their entire range
  • All controls can be set independently to manual or auto mode through an intuitive interface



  • Automatic image alignment using warping: correction of zoom, rotation, tilt, height and distortion mismatches with subpixel accuracy
  • Automatic resizing and cropping to maintain image format and guarantee content overlapping.
  • Bicubic interpolation to preserve high quality images
  • Horizontal and Vertical Flip
  • Switch left and right views
  • Frame freeze to work on a fixed image
  • Pixel by pixel horizontal and vertical image shifting
  • Real time and interactive Stereoscopic 3D convergence adjustments by using intuitive Horizontal Image Translation (HIT) slider
  • Save up to four different HIT positions that can be reached in linear or discrete mode
  • Optional preservation of HIT values on video output
  • GPU based workflow delivering realtime performance



  • Automatic color matching between left and right eyes
  • Primary Color Grading: Separate red, green and blue adjustments.
  • Hue adjustment on shadows, midtones and highlights for balancing color between eyes
  • Lift, gamma and gain adjustments
  • Checkerboard mode to quickly view color differences
  • Optional preservation of color modifications on video output

 Monitoring and Views

  • Left/Right eye
  • Side-by-side
  • Overlay
  • Anaglyph
  • Stereo3D : interlaced and frame sequential
  • Flicker
  • Difference
  • Checkerboard
  • Tonal view

Supported I/O

  • Dual input and output
  • Uncompressed 8- and 10-bit SD and HD
  • HD 1080: 1080i60, 1080i59.94, 1080i50, 1080PsF30, 1080p30, 1080PsF29.97, 1080p29.97, 1080PsF25, 1080p25, 1080PsF24, 1080p24
  • HD 720: 720p60, 720p59.94, 720p50
  • SD: 625/25 PAL, 525/29.97 NTSC and 525/23.98 NTSC
  • Color Space: 4:2:2 YUV


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