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Stereotec 3D Rigs


The new 3D Side by Side Live Rig is the state of the art rig satisfying all the needs of professional 3D content creation.

  • supports cameras of various sizes and weights.

  • it is uncompromising in its reliable function, stability and quality.

  • fully motorizable in up to all ten 3D parameters with external motors.

  • can be used smoothly in almost all places the DOP dreams of.

  • accurate balanced camera movement, quick release camera adapter plates and the digital counters ensure best usability and upmost precise settings of interaxial distance and angulation
    to a 1/10 millimeter.

  • the user has an open platform to work with their choice of cameras, remote control systems (various follow focus systems on the market) and third party software leaving no wishes open.


The new 3D Mid Size Rig is a very small but universal rig for cine AND broadcast productions.

  • all the qualities of the 3D Live Rig: carbon fiber, motorizable all parameters.

  • first rig on the market with the feature of it being convertable (can be mounted upside down or straight).

  • fully remote control for fast production workflow.

  • Steady Cam compatible for light weight cameras.

  • Compabitble with ARRI Alexa, RED, Epic, Phantom, Si-2K, Sony P1 box camera, and all cameras of similar sizes.

  • Dimensions: width: 46.2cm x height: 61.5cm x depth: 58.5cm









 "STEREOTEC 3D Live Rig (Carbon)"


  • especially suited for 3D broadcast events (live).

  • very rigid and stable system for large cameras (RED and all broadcast cameras).

  • very flexible.

  • balanced 3D system.

  • all parameters (interaxial, convergence, tilt, roll, hight) motorizable.

  • carbon fiber.

  • upgradable for use with zoom lenses.

  • upgradable for automatic 3D shooting with additional accessories.

  • best price value.

"STEREOTEC Side-by-Side-Rig Maxi and Mini"

Two Side by Side Rigs for your 3D shoot
The side by side 3D rigs by STEREOTEC for use on landscape, helicopter (with Side by Side Maxi Rig) or in small spaces like in a car, handheld, on a steadycam or crane (with small cameras like CUNIMA (Wige), LMP (Lux Media Plan), MODULA (Easylooksystems), ICONIX... on the Side by Side Mini Rig)

More information about Stereotec Rigs can be found at

A brochure can be downloaded here

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