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Panasonic 3D Broadcast monitors

Panasonic 3D Broadcast monitors

The 25.5" BT-3DL2550 3D LCD Monitor is a powerful 3D production tool with professional features such as dual HD-SDI and DVI interfaces as well as multiple display options. Whether utilized with the AG- 3DA1 fully-integrated Full HD professional 3D camcorder or with 3D rigs, the 3DL2550 displays high-quality, flicker-free 3D content and is equipped with invaluable production tools to help with your 3D production. Designed for broadcast and other professional applications, the full 1920 x1200 resolution display provides exceptional color performance and a ruggedized frame, in addition to offering high-quality 2D performance.

The 3D LCD Video Monitor features a wide color gamut and 10-bit 3D LUT (Look-Up Table) for faithful color reproduction. It is also capable of displaying 3D images for viewing with 3D Polarized Eyewear. The 3DL2550 supports three types of 3D video input: simultaneous, line-by-line and side-by-side. The monitor also features a special 3D display function for image acquisition with rig-type 3D camera systems.

The color space of the 3DL2550 is 102% of the NTSC standard, exceeding the EBU/SMPTE range that can be displayed by ordinary LCD monitors. It accurately reproduces colors that are not easily reproduced by conventional displays – – including CRTs – – to meet the needs of broadcasters and production companies as well as in digital cinema, CG production, printing, publishing, advertising, and research. The 3DL2550 offers six wide color space modes: Adobe RGB y=2.2, y=1.8) and D-Cinema (y=2.6), SMPTE, EBU and ITU-709.

Audio Level Meter (3D/2D): 2 channels, 4 channels, 8 channels or OFF.
Mono Mode (3D/2D): Displays images in black-and-white.
Time Code Display (3D/2D): VITC, LTC or UB
Closed Caption Display (2D): Displays closed captions (32 characters x 15 lines)
Tally lamps (red and green)
RGB input
Remote inputs: RS-232C (9-pin) and GPI (9-pin)
Headphone jack
Embedded audio decoder on board (through its headphone jack)
Active BNC loop-through
Weight: Approx. 19.4 lb without stand
Built-in 3D tools: Grid, Flip, HIT (Horizontal Image Translation), Split-screen and more
No separate stereo processor required
Stereo Display options: Simultaneous (dual SDI), Line-by-Line, and Side-by-Side
Side by side image for color matching
Contrast: 1000:1
Requires polarized (passive) glasses to watch 3D content (two PGL10G included)

A brochure can be downloaded here

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