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Emotion3D Stereoscopic Suite X1

The revolutionary tools in emotion3D's Stereoscopic Suite X1 facilitate compositing shot material, editing the depth script, and finishing for different targets (e.g. cinema, home theater, laptops and glasses-free 3D displays).

At the core is a powerful software engine that automatically generates depth maps from stereo 3D material. Content creators can then edit in the 3rd dimension and render virtual cameras.


  • Depth manipulation: Perform depth grading, comfort zone control, continuity across scene cuts, compression & expansion of the depth range. Stretch, clamp and scale effortlessly.
  • Finishing for target display: Re-render your shot content with the correct perspectives.
  • "Fix it in post": Adjust parallax and convergence independently.


  • Rendering of virtual views
  • Generation of depth maps 
  • Adjustment of parallax and convergence
  • Depth budget analysis
  • Depth grading controls
  • Preview on external 3D screen
  • Easy workflow integration
  • Intuitive interface
  • High color depth support (8/16/32 bpc)
  • High dynamic range support
  • Native 64-bit support
  • Nvidia CUDA support
  • Multi-threading support


  • Windows 7/Vista, 64-bit
  • After Effects CS5/CS5.5
  • 4+ GB RAM
  • Graphics card with CUDA support
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